A title abstract report is a report created by a professional title abstractor. A title abstract is not available from public county records, and it is not available electronically. Depending on the report type, it can list open and closed deeds, mortgages, and encumbrances such as judgments and liens.

An official title abstract must be prepared by a professional title researcher. Creating the title report requires in-depth knowledge of title documents and the recording processes. A title report is a recital of the records found for a property located in the title records, with obvious presumptions made such as mortgage refinances and lien releases. A title abstract is not legal advice, or opinion of title and ownership, which can only be provided by a qualified attorney.

The property title search abstractor begins researching county records index of subject property to retrieve the related documents. Depending upon the county, multiple records rooms and databases may be visited. The property title documents are collected from various books, volumes, and databases where instruments are recorded through the years.

Documents are then reviewed to determine which items pertain to the real property. Legal and vesting are compared on each document. Mortgages, judgement, liens are cross-referenced for releases and assignments.

Pertinent documents are compiled, and the property title abstract report is created. The abstract contains a summary listing of all the recorded liens, mortgages, and deeds which were located. Lien and mortgage amounts are typically provided. Copies of all open (and sometimes closed) referenced documents within the search period are attached.

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If you need to change something your order, please contact us immediately at 1-503-308-4036. We usually begin processing orders within 1-2 hours, and once we have processed your order, changes may result in additional charges.

Yes, you can! After placing your order you will receive an order confirmation via email, which includes a link to your order and it's progress. You may also call our automated inquiry system at 1-805-876-9898. You will need to have your property ID available, which will be provided to you after order.

Turnaround time will vary depending on property location, product type, and county records. Typical title search orders take an average of 3-5 days, although this period may be longer or shorter depending on research required. Above all, we guarantee to deliver you an accurate report, and that may take time.

Standard delivery is an email with a link to download the final PDF report or deed copy. However, some of our larger clients prefer that we upload the completed reports via FTP directly to their servers, or have them physically delivered in the mail. We can accommodate certain requirements.

Yes. Each of our clients are assigned a Client Relationship Manager (CRM). Your CRM is available to answer any questions on completed reports. They are also able to provide quotes on bulk/portfolio projects or ensure expedite/rush services, when necessary.

All completed reports are saved on our servers for 12 months. If needed, we can set specific account requirements to retain the reports for a longer duration.

With exception to our guarantee, we do not issue refunds. Title report and search services are not product which we can resell. They are specific to your property and needs.

Be confident that your search will be done right. If your title report is found to have any substantial errors due to our research process, we will refund the price charged for the title search. Simply inform us of the suspected error, and we will confirm that the discrepancy exists, and refund your payment.

Terms of the limited guarantee are as follows:

  • We must receive the notice of suspected error within 21 days of the original order.
  • Refund not to exceed $160, or cost of search, whichever is lower.
  • Error must be verified to exist in county records. (Provide copies if possible)
  • Error must be a substantial records discrepancy (missing lien, deed, or mortgage)
  • The claimed record must be correctly recorded and indexed directly against the current owner of the property.
  • Property records indexed incorrectly by the county/city are not included, (mis-spelled name, date prior to deed, etc.)
  • The record must have a property legal description on the document, matching the deed.
  • Records attached by statute or indirect records not included. Record must exist in the county property records, other records offices not searched.
  • Does not pertain to typographical errors, tax status, or minor issues such as plat maps, comparable sales, document numbers, zoning, etc.
  • Refund reviews may include contacting property owner or occupants.
  • For residential properties only.

Clients often need updates on previously ordered reports. In those cases, Property Title of Oregon may offer discounted pricing on the “bring to date” reports.